“We continue to have peace of mind that our property is well cared for with the Brooks Security system.”

I cannot say enough positive things about Brooks Security. My family has utilized their services for over a decade. Unfortunately, our summer home in Idlewild, Michigan was broken into this year on Christmas night! Brooks Security quickly dispatched the police, and the culprit was caught. We were 4 hours away, with no-one and no way to secure our home after the door was kicked in. Mr. Brooks drove to the home, secured our kicked-in door for us, and he even faced-timed with me so that I could see the damage and asses if anything was missing. Thanks to the alarm frightening the thief before he had no time to steal a thing! Thank you Brooks Security- A larger/national alarm company WOULD NEVER provide this sort of personal service. They certainly would not have helped me secure my home, or given me the invaluable peace of mind Mr. Brooks’ personal walk-though provided. Thanks to Brooks Security and the police, this particular home invader will not be breaking into any more properties any time soon!
Nicolena I.
When we first purchased our cabin over 26 years ago in Branch, Michigan, we were not concerned with security. However, over the first 17 years, we suffered three break-ins causing severe damage as well as the loss of many items which we held valuable to us. We became concerned that our insurance company would either cancel our policy or raise our rates which fortunately did not happen. We had no peace of mind as we live over 100 miles from the location and could not keep an eye on our property. Each time we were entered we felt violated and helpless. Seven years ago we purchased a manufactured home and placed it on the same property. Our builder recommended Brooks Security as a very dependable company so we decided to have Mr. Brooks design a security system for us. We were pleased with the result and contracted him to facilitate the installation. For six years we had no problems. There were a few calls and a deputy was dispatched to ensure the home was secure. This was a tremendous relief to us. In May, 2013, the alarm system once again sounded and this one was real. Someone attempted an entry but was immediately scared off when the alarm sounded. The alarm went into central dispatch and officers were immediately dispatched. The offender was apprehended within an hour. This apprehension resulted in an end to a string of burglaries which had taken place in the area over the previous few months. The intruder was subsequently sentenced to a lengthy prison term and is currently behind bars in state prison. We continue to have peace of mind that our property is well cared for with the Brooks Security system. We have friends who recently purchased property in the county and we have urged them to immediately purchase a good security system for safety and peace of mind. We would advocate that any property owner install a system. In summary, we are very pleased with Brooks Security and would recommend Mr. Brooks without reservation. We can now sleep soundly at night.
Charles V.
When we moved back to Michigan & purchased a home, we decided to have a security system. Mr. Brooks looked at our property & gave us a quote. Although his quote was not the lowest we decided to do business with Brooks Security. Without a doubt we made the right decision. Not only are they professionals, the service we receive is always top notch. We highly recommend Brooks Security.
Angela A.
My home is 75 miles away from my cottage, therefore, I cannot keep watch over it from that far away. The Brooks Security alarm system that monitors the cottage truly gives "the ultimate peace of mind". I keep the cottage heat at 45 degrees throughout the winter, and one of the big "pluses" of the security system is the "low heat" sensor. Finally, the Brooks Security staff are wonderful to work with, and I trust them completely.
Marianne V.
My wife and I met Mr. Brooks about nine years ago. We have a house in Baldwin, Michigan. During a visit to our home, we noticed the alarm system going off. Turns out the electrical system was damaged during a storm. At the time we were using ADT. Not only was is not working, but we were also still being charged. My wife and I decided to look for a local company. We found Brooks Security in the yellow pages. We made an appointment and they came out to our home. What really impressed me was Mr. Brooks' guarantee of all of his products and services. Here is just one example: one of Brooks' alarms was set off at our investment property. A customer service rep notified us immediately. The local Sheriff's Department also received a call. Soon after, we found out the Baldwin Sheriff checked on our property. The front door had been kicked in by intruders. Brooks quickly came to the property, turned off the alarm and secured the door. Mr. Brooks, along with his staff, call center, and follow-ups is why we are and will remain loyal customers. The costs and services Brooks Security provides cannot be beat!
Asberry M.